We strive to keep up with market trends and our work reflects trends

We participated in the Transport Innovation Forum 2023. This is the largest event for transport and logistics professionals in the Baltic States.

Together with our international partners, we can take care of the ship and its crew in many ports around the world

Ship agent is a profession that is not trained by any educational institution in Lithuania, although there is a constant need for people in the Port of Klaipėda. We are boldly recruiting and developing young and talented professionals who want to learn this profession, because we have the experience and the team to nurture them.

Why should our clients care what a ship agent is about?

The answer is clear, because the professionalism of a ship agent is the key to the smooth arrival of a ship in port and the timely delivery of cargo.

We will transport any oversized cargo

No matter the size of your cargo or the country it needs to be transported from. What matters is that we will ensure a smooth transport of your cargo according to your needs.

We are now 15 years in business!

Today we celebrate our anniversary.

The CEO of our company – Žilvinas Urbonas

Today our team welcomes the new leader of the company.

The 4 most important factors when choosing a logistics partner

Finding and choosing a reliable logistics partner is a crucial business decision. Our Business Development Manager Mindaugas Danyla shares his advice on what is important in this choice.

We are successfully executing a wind power project

We organize the transport of oversized cargo in Lithuania.

Your customs broker is an integral part of a smooth freight transport chain

Introducing our colleague Arvydas Vaičių, a customs broker, who can’t imagine himself in any other professional field. Be familiar.

Our new partnerships with Central Asia

Does your company have activities in Central Asia, or maybe you have such a vision? If so, our TLC team has great news for you!