Tomas Stasytis TLC

Tomas Stasytis became CEO of TLC

Tomas Stasytis, who was previously the Quality Manager at „Klaipėdos terminalo grupė“, has replaced Justas Kairys, who will now take up the position of Commercial Manager at TLC.

Logistics are faced not only with challenges created by war, a solution to that can be offered by shipping

The logistics industry is disrupted. The onset of the war in Ukraine has caused confusion for all.

We became members of the Lithuanian Wind Power Association (LWPA).

The new year has started with good news – interesting wind power plants logistics projects are approaching. 

Oversize cargo (wind power plants) delivery solutions

We organized the delivery of 7 wind power plants from #Amsterdam to Klaipeda port.

Project cargo shipment

We are pleased with another bulky cargo that was delivered successfully

We have successfully delivered a bulky cargo of 42 house modules from the Latvian port of Riga to northern Sweden.

We are introducing a new route for exporting goods to the United Kingdom

From now on, the break bulk cargo ship will sail regularly from the port of Klaipėda to the United Kingdom port in Howdendyke once a month.

Ship agent

Every other day – we agent a ship in Klaipeda port

TLC’s long-term experience in working with shipowners in servicing ships in Klaipeda port has developed the ability of our agents to respond quickly to non-standard situations.

It will not be possible to work as previously: it is important to plan the container cargo shipment in advance

Our experts advise you to plan logistics needs as much in advance as possible. Only by doing this it is possible to be sure that the cargo will be delivered on time, and it is possible to look for more favorable transportation prices.

Bulk Cargo TLClogistics

Europe’s inland waterways are an economical transport option the full potential of which has not been exploited yet by companies

One of the reasons for choosing such an environmental friendly transportation method is that it was demanded by a customer who sought to comply with the GMP + standard of good manufacturing practice. However, this mode of transportation also allowed to save, as it was cheaper than transporting peas by truck or rail.

Bulk cargo handling

Transportation of bulk cargoes and raw materials: we are ready for changing flows and cost optimization

Low-value cargo transportation flows are a puzzle for cargo owners and a significant challenge for logistics companies. Cargo transportation as fast and safe as possible ensuring the highest-quality, as well as low transportation costs – this is a solution sought by the customers of Tarptautinės logistikos centras PJSC (hereinafter – TLC). We are ready to react flexibly to various needs and offer an optimal cargo transportation plan, as well as a competitive price.