We share the latest updates on container freight prices

Our TLC logistics experts, analyzing the trends in container shipping prices from Asia to Lithuania, say that prices have risen as much as 5 times in the last 7 months.

R. Tupikaitė: “Understanding clients’ needs and meeting their expectations is a key part of my job”

Imagine that every product you consume every day – from the fresh fruit on your grocery shelf to the latest smartphone in your pocket – has its own unique travel story. Behind these stories are professionals whose work often goes unnoticed but is extremely important: freight forwarders.

We’re expanding our team

Donatas Valančauskas, who has been working in the sales sector for more than 10 years, has joined our company as Sales Project Manager.

Successful start of the year – 5 ships loaded with wood pellets

We are increasing the number of wood pellet ships in the Port of Klaipeda.

We provide 3PL services in the Port of Klaipėda

Are you looking for a reliable partner for warehousing and distribution of your cargo in Lithuania, the Baltic States or Scandinavia? Look no further! TLC offers solutions based on the 3PL service concept.

For us, 2023 was a year of experiences

As usual, we briefly discuss highlights from the past year and our outlook for 2024.

Together with our international partners, we can take care of the ship and its crew in many ports around the world

Ship agent is a profession that is not trained by any educational institution in Lithuania, although there is a constant need for people in the Port of Klaipėda. We are boldly recruiting and developing young and talented professionals who want to learn this profession, because we have the experience and the team to nurture them.

We will transport any oversized cargo

No matter the size of your cargo or the country it needs to be transported from. What matters is that we will ensure a smooth transport of your cargo according to your needs.

We are now 15 years in business!

Today we celebrate our anniversary.

Your customs broker is an integral part of a smooth freight transport chain

Introducing our colleague Arvydas Vaičių, a customs broker, who can’t imagine himself in any other professional field. Be familiar.