We will transport any oversized cargo

No matter the size of your cargo or the country it needs to be transported from. What matters is that we will ensure a smooth transport of your cargo according to your needs.

We are now 15 years in business!

Today we celebrate our anniversary.

Your customs broker is an integral part of a smooth freight transport chain

Introducing our colleague Arvydas Vaičių, a customs broker, who can’t imagine himself in any other professional field. Be familiar.

Our activities comply with international standards

We are now certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

We solve even the most unexpected customer problems

Working in the shipping industry is full of unpredictable challenges. Ships arriving at the Port of Klaipėda also bring technical problems or glitches that we have to overcome in our daily routine.

We’ll take care of the customer’s cargo – wood pellets

We managed to bring the client back to Klaipėda from a Latvian port and concluded a long-term cargo handling and warehousing contract.

Significant growth in freight forwarding services

In the first quarter of this year, we forwarded 50% more bulk cargo by road. More specifically, 50% more freight was transported by road than in 2022.

Is now the time to choose containerised freight?

Andrius Valentinas, Sales Manager of our company, says that the sharp decline in freight rates on the market is a boon for businesses for whom transporting their products by sea containers has so far been an irrational solution due to the low value of the cargo itself.

We support basketball!

We are happy to contribute to the victories of basketball club Kėdainiai ,,Nevėžis – Optibet” by making a financial contribution.

Unusual situations force you to improve

There is never a boring moment in our work. There are times when non-standard solutions have to be found, even when the containers and their cargo have already been successfully delivered to the customer and our job seems to be done here. But you never know what surprises await you when you open the container. A familiar feeling?