Oversize cargo (wind power plants) delivery solutions

2021 November, 28

We organized the delivery of 7 wind power plants from #Amsterdam to Klaipeda port.


The wind power plants were dismantled into 77 parts, and we chartered three ships to transport them. Our shipping agents accepted and represented them in the port.

Such non-standard #cargo is a big challenge for the whole team and at the same time an interesting experience, says @Romans Iljins, Chartering Manager of our company. Because transporting such cargoes requires a great deal of knowledge: we organized and supervised loading and unloading, advised the ship’s crew and stevedores on how to load safely and quickly, attach parts of the power plants, and how to distribute weight on deck. This is especially important when one generator weighs 51 tons, and the wing length is 34 meters.


For the transportation of this cargo, we have also performed a #risk assessment to help the shipper avoid potential losses.

So, we invite you to consult us if you want to transport #wind power plants or other non-standard cargo. We have a lot of experience in organizing the transportation of such cargo by sea and can offer an efficient and professional solution.