Our team has a knowledge of the shipping industry and offers a friendly, bespoke service to our customers in assisting with their shipment need.


We arrange best solutions for a wide variety of customers with a vast range of requirements within short sea operations. Our team specialises in break bulk line services between the Baltic and the UK.


Once a month we charter  a vessel with beak bulk cargoes from  Klaipeda to the UK port Howdendyke. Vessel sizes vary depending on the cargo volumes. With our services we cover all the steps required for shipping your cargo from door to door.


Our services are:

  • Handling round and sawn timber, firewood in Klaipeda port.
  • Transshipment of cargo from rail wagons/trucks to warehouse and vessels.
  • Storage of forest products in Klaipeda and Howdendyke port.
  • Stevedoring operations in Klaipeda and Howdendyke port.
  • Wood impregnation service in Klaipeda port.
  • Timber (round timber, firewood,  sawn wood) haulage & logistics.
  • Vessel chartering services.
  • Part cargo charters for shipments to UK.
  • Effortless and secure customs clearance process both ends.
  • Ship agency services 24/7 in Klaipeda and Howdendyke port.
  • Door to door shipments.


We have built strong trust and relationships with our partners over a number of years to ensure your cargo is in safe hands.


TLC can offer detailed and adaptable sea freight services that will allow you to connect and conduct business with your supplier in the most efficient and expeditious manner with a single point of contact.

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