Our work in the context of COVID – 19

2020 April, 7

Ship agency

Despite the fact that COVID-19 virus and Lithuania wide quarantine declared on 12 March put in turmoil our normal lives, “Tarptautinės Logistikos Centras /TLC ” continues its normal operations at its usual pace.

We would like to assure you that the virus has no impact on our performance so far.

Please note that we continue to provide the following services:

  • Container freightage.
  • Ship freightage.
  • Ship agency services.
  • Oversized cargo transportation and handling. Freight forwarding.
  • Cargo transportation by rail.
  • All customs services.
  • Cargo insurance.

We would also like to point out that we take care of the health of our employees, customers, and suppliers, follow all the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the Government of the Republic of Lithuania in order to minimize the likelihood of the virus spreading:

  • We organize remote workstations for our employees.
  • We can ensure continuity of services in all cases because we have installed the ERP.
  • All our employees are equipped with remote work tools, equipment, and protection equipment.
  • When working remotely, we make every effort to ensure that all services we provide are accessible.

At the moment our highest priority is to ensure that all planned projects are completed and shipments delivered on time.

TLC keeps a close eye on current events and the situation, and are ready to offer our clients customized logistics solutions.

We would like to thank all our clients and partners for their understanding and awareness during this troublesome period. By working together, looking for solutions and ways out, taking care of the health of our employees and each other, we will ensure the business continuity.

Moving forward!