Negabaritinių nestandartinių krovinių gabenimas TLC logistics


We offer complex transportation services of non-standard (oversized) cargo by ships, planes, auto transport or trains. We pay exceptional attention to details while handling cargo of such nature. By employing the knowledge and experience we have accumulated over the years, we can assure the most optimal solutions for cargo transportation:

  • Transporting non-standard, oversized, heavy cargo.
  • Preparing non-standard cargo for transportation as well as loading cargo at the Port of Klaipeda.
  • Lashing and unlashing of the
  • Transporting by ships, auto transport or railroads.
  • Chartering ships with non-standard cargo.
  • Estimating the most viable route and selecting the most professional transporters.
  • Handling cargo escort and protection.
  • Arranging necessary permissions from various institutions.
  • Handling all matters at the customs related to cargo transportation.
  • Providing additional insurance for highly valuable cargo.

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Justas Kairys CEO TLC logistics
Justas Kairys

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Lina Rochkes Sales representatives TLC logistics
Lina Rochkes
Sales representative

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