Significant growth in freight forwarding services

2023 April, 17

In the first quarter of this year, we forwarded 50% more bulk cargo by road. More specifically, 50% more freight was transported by road than in 2022.


“In the first quarter of 2023, we loaded almost 3 000 trucks with bulk cargo. The winter season seems to be over, but it’s not, as freight traffic continues to be intense,” says our Director Tomas Stasytis.


TLC freight forwarder Algirdas Pauliukevičius says the comparative figures show that road freight is one of the most popular options at present. Trucks in particular are valued for their mobility and their ability to deliver goods in a relatively short time to a destination that other means of transport, such as ships or trains, would not be able to reach or would find too difficult.


Our team has ensured that a wide range of bulk goods such as grain, fertiliser, salt, etc. in Lithuania reach even the most remote regions of the country.


“TLC” is one of the companies managed by Klaipėda Terminal Group.