Successful start of the year – 5 ships loaded with wood pellets

2024 February, 13

“Our client’s satisfaction with our comprehensive services, ranging from cargo reception at the loading terminal to storage, forwarding, meticulous document preparation, and professional vessel agency, led to the signing of a long-term service contract in 2023. Consequently, there has been a notable increase in both the volume of ships arriving at the Port of Klaipėda and the vessels for which we act as agents at the outset of this year,” stated Žilvinas Urbonas, Director of TLC.


Our manager highlighted that historically, we managed one or two vessels carrying wood pellets during the winter season. However, in December 2023 alone, we successfully handled five such vessels. In total, ten ships transporting wood pellets visited the Port of Klaipėda between December 2023 and the end of January 2024.


Ž. Urbonas emphasized that the increasing frequency of wood pellet ship arrivals reflects not only the positive outcomes of TLC’s operations but also presents a challenge that requires timely management. For instance, the growing number of ships at port terminals complicates scheduling for loading, making it imperative for our specialist team to exert maximum effort in consistently meeting client expectations.