Together with our international partners, we can take care of the ship and its crew in many ports around the world

2023 October, 18

One of the new members of the team is Stanislovas Juškėnas, who has recently joined the ranks of UAB Tarptautinės logistikos centras (hereinafter referred to as TLC). We decided to interview him about the profession, daily routine and responsibilities of a ship agent.


– Explain in one sentence what is a ship agent?

There is an unwritten saying that ship agents are known as the best friends of the captain and the crew of a ship, because they take on the main role of communication and cooperation between the arriving ship and the port services, terminals, the consignee of the cargo and the consignor.


– What is the main job of a ship’s mate?

The main job and duty of the ship’s agent is to ensure that the ship’s service in port is as smooth as possible and that the ship owners, managers and charterers get the maximum profit from the ship’s visit in port. It is our responsibility to match all their needs and capabilities to the most efficient service for the arriving ship. We organise all the necessary port inspections, coordinate port services and other related procedures.


– Cargo ships sail all over the world, does this mean that TLC ship agents can take care of them in any port in the world?

We are a member of the PANCO group, an international logistics and transport network, so we have trusted partners in many countries around the world with whom we can represent the shipowner’s interests at ports around the world and handle all the orders requested by the crew.


– Do you think everyone can work as a ship’s agent?

It is a job for someone who likes constant dynamics and who has personal qualities such as being organised, quick to react to events or problems and communicative. Knowledge of shipping regulations and port laws, language skills are also essential, as you have to communicate with crews of different nationalities and the ability to deal with complex technical issues.


– What’s more important in your job: paperwork or inspection/coordination work on board ships?

The needs of each ship’s crew and the objectives of the itinerary are different, as are the types of ships, so there is no numerical proportion to describe how much of our time is spent on paperwork or visits to ships. To give you an example, I am an agent for container ships, so the time spent on completing the paperwork, sending it and actively communicating with the parties involved is a greater proportion of the time than the time spent on the physical inspection on board.


– In port, the activity is 24/7, with ships coming and going all the time. Does the ship agent also work a continuous schedule?

The ship agent is responsible for the proper and professional reception and service of the ships, so we adapt to the schedule of arrivals and departures. I have to admit that my mobile phone is on 24/7, which means that if the ship’s captain or crew needs me, I am always available.