We are introducing a new route for exporting goods to the United Kingdom

2021 September, 1

From now on, the break bulk cargo ship will sail regularly from the port of Klaipėda to the United Kingdom port in Howdendyke once a month.


In August, we have already sent off the ship Leiria with 2800 cubic meters of wood on the first voyage. A second trip is already planned in September and a third trip on the route Klaipėda – Howdendyke will take place in October.


According to Justas Kairys, the head of our company, this is a joint project of the whole team, which promotes the review of the quality of services provided by TLC and the improvement of processes so that the customer would not have any worries and the cargo would be taken care of completely.


“Not all capabilities have been used for the direct export of Lithuanian products through the port of Klaipėda to the UK yet, so I think that in the future we will expand this service and look for customers for return trip for goods imported from England,” says J. Kairys.


The goal is to provide comprehensive services to the customer by one reliable team:

we accepted the cargo of sawn timber at the terminal, organized its loading onto a ship in Klaipėda and unloading in the UK port, chartered the ship, and arranged all the necessary documents. For some customers, we delivered the wood right to the door – to the final destination of the consignee. We have selected the most cost-effective routes.


At the end of August, the head of our company personally visited the cargo terminals in the eastern part of the United Kingdom, as well as met with our current and hopefully future customers and partners.


If you are sending cargo to or from the UK – consult us and we will present all the possibilities of the terminals for the export of your cargo. We will offer you non-standard and fast solutions at a reasonable price.


You can send direct inquiries to Andrius Valentinas, TLC Sales Manager, by e-mail, at: andrius@tlclogistics.lt or call: +370 698 738 46.