We joined TIA

2020 November, 30

TIA nariai

TLC joined the Transport Innovation Association and gained its membership.

This association aims to connect the transport and logistics sector with the technology industry, start-ups that will help increase efficiency in the field of transport and logistics and exploit its potential. TIA has brought together the competencies of public and private transportation companies, universities, start-ups, and other organisations into a unified community.


According to TLC CEO Justas Kairys, the future of the transport and logistics sector is not possible without new technologies, and the digitization of this area is an inevitable process. The international freight market will undergo a major change in just three years. At present, practically all cargo documents are presented on paper, but by the decision of the European Union, from August 2024, public authorities will be obliged to accept information provided by carriers digitally in a common format valid in all EU countries.


“We invest heavily in IT solutions and see the value of these investments for our customers, employees and the company as a whole. Therefore, we became members of TIA in order to participate in the development of specific digital solutions or tools that can improve cargo document accounting and other logistics processes, ” J. Kairys shares his thoughts.