We’ll take care of the customer’s cargo – wood pellets

2023 May, 25

We managed to bring the client back to Klaipėda from a Latvian port and concluded a long-term cargo handling and warehousing contract.


“It is no secret that there is a fierce battle for every cargo among the seaports in the Baltic Sea, so we as TLC put maximum effort to ensure that our clients receive quality services from one source and want to not only stay in the port of Klaipėda, but also to come back to it,” says Tomas Stasytis, our team leader.

According to the manager, the main reasons for the client’s decision to return to Klaipėda port were:


  • One responsible specialist who takes care of the whole service chain;


  • the infrastructure at the partner terminals – new, modern warehouses;


  • equipment for handling – new, reliable and environmentally friendly machinery;


  • a price/quality ratio that meets the customer’s expectations.


In the first quarter of this year, the handling of bulk cargo in the port of Klaipėda exceeded 3 million tonnes.


“TLC” is one of the companies managed by Klaipėda Terminal Group.