We’re the agent for a cement vessel from Sweden

2023 January, 19

Our team took delivery of the ship ULVIK, which arrived from Sweden to Klaipėda with 4,000 thousand tonnes of cement to be used in the Lithuanian construction sector.

“As you know, last year Sweden had restrictions on cement exports, but this year these restrictions have been relaxed and regular sailings to the port of Klaipėda are already scheduled for the first quarter,” says Justas Kairys, our Commercial Manager.

While we are living in an era of increasing demand for resources and energy, the world is also entering an era of sustainability that calls for “doing more with less”. That is why at our partner terminal, the transfer of cement from ship to cement tanks takes place in a closed, pipeline-type process, with no contact between the cargo and the environment. New technologies allow for both environmentally friendly and more efficient handling.

“Our company’s agent, Simas Antužis, ensured that the ship was properly received and serviced at the terminal and that there was constant communication and prompt information about the ship’s movements and loading operations to the shipowner. This is one of our strengths – people who do their job professionally and take care of the tasks entrusted to them,” says Mr Kairys.

TLC’s Commercial Manager shares that in any market changes, a quick reaction and focus on the client’s needs is essential

“TLC” is one of the companies managed by Klaipėdos terminalo grupė.