For us, 2023 was a year of experiences

2024 January, 9

Every year, the maritime sector undergoes dynamic processes, from container freight reaching new lows or highs to the unbundling of major shipping lines. “More than a year ago container freight was at its peak, and many were transporting cargo on break bulk vessels, now such cargoes have returned to container ships. Therefore, some increase in container freight is expected in 2024, the general trend is that supply will far outstrip demand, so competition between shipping lines should be very intense, and prices will rarely rise in the face of intense competition. It is also important that the 2M alliance between MSC and Maersk will not be re-established but will be definitively terminated in 2025. It is therefore likely that container freight rates will remain very low, which will continue to allow the transport of low value cargoes such as secondary raw materials or agro-crops”, – says some insights according 2024 our CEO Žilvinas Urbonas.


Also, our CEO added, the dry bulk market may see a slight decline in the short term due to slower economic growth. This is coupled with ongoing problems in the Chinese property market as well as the absence of significant transshipments. It is therefore very likely that freight rates in 2024 will remain near the level of 2023.


In 2023, the TLC’s activities were certified by international standards: ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 9001:2015.”These standards are important to our activities because clients can be assured of the quality of our services”, – tells Žilvinas.


According to our CEO, this year our team was entrusted with the inland transportation of wind turbines, thanks to the high quality and exceptional approach to client needs. We felt a great responsibility towards the client, ourselves and the team we had to bring together to ensure a timely and smooth implementation of the project. “This was an exceptional new experience and a project that gave us the opportunity to prove our professionalism and grow”, – says Ž.Urbonas.