2022 was the year of opportunities

2022 December, 29

Our CEO Tomas Stasytis says that TLC 2022 was the year of opportunity. “Despite the fact that I have only recently joined the team, I was familiar with the company’s activities from before,” shares Tomas.

Like many businesses around the world, the plans were one at the beginning of the year and no one expected the war in Ukraine, but it started and many things changed. TLC was no exception, so we reviewed our business strategy and identified new areas of activity.

According to Tomas, it was important for us to adapt the company’s operations to the changing conditions, to reorient our approach, to take new decisions, to create processes that would cause the least inconvenience to our customers. “An activity that we had never even thought about became a new and undiscovered business opportunity – we started to provide a specialised cargo removal service from the port of Klaipėda across Lithuania. We have intensified the volume of ship chartering services, implemented a number of instant projects that generated additional revenue for TLC,” says the CEO.

In 2023, the priority will remain the digitalisation of services, innovative solutions that will facilitate cooperation with customers, improvement of existing processes and development of new services, says the CEO.

“TLC is one of the companies managed by Klaipėdos terminalo grupė.